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How to get your hair in the best condition before your special day!

Want to know how to have your hair in the best possible condition prior to your wedding day? I have been finding so many of my brides and clients are looking more for specialist advise on how to best take care of their hair so decided to introduce a new product range called Milkshake which heavily focuses on hair condition.

You may have seen the new product range I am stocking to assist my amazing clients in

maintaining their hair. I am happy to do a personalised prescription for you to recommend the best products leading up to your special day or just because you want healthy shiney hair!

Here are some tips to help you have gloriously healthy hair;

Regular treatments- it is important to do regular treatments. Treatments can contain moisture for shine and protein for strength. Some hair needs one or both to ensure optimum shine

Using a salon quality shampoo- salon shampoo may be more for the initial outlay but you will use less. Professional Salon shampoo has more gentle cleansing agents therefore less swelling of the hair therefor shinier hair and longer colour lasting. I will be looking to explain this in more detail on my styling night in 2020.

Using a leave in moisturiser- we need moisturisers for our face and we also need them for our hair. We loose moisture to things like sun, wind, styling with dryers and irons. We need to replace it to close down the outside layer of the hair therefor shinier hair.

Using a heat protectant- if you blow dry, tong or straighten your hair you must use products that include a heat protectant. This will ensure less damage and loss of moisture.

If you want more information on some of the products from the milkshake range please send me an email to organise your free consultation.

If you would like to be put on the waiting list for my styling class in 2020 please send your details to At this night I will be giving more education around hair care as well as styling your own hair.

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