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Why is it important to have a hair trial?

To have a hair trial or not to have hair trial...... that is the question!!!!

One of the most asked questions I have had during my 10 years in specialising in weddings is

"Do I need a hair trial?"

My recommendation is that you coordinate a hair and make-up trial together to be able to envision the entire style. If possible also try on your dress.

Sometimes if you have just hair or just make-up in your every day clothes it can feel a little odd and is hard to see the big picture. Another suggestion is to also take you hair accessories and/or veil as well as your jewellery to see everything together.

I also recommend taking photos and looking at the photo instead of in the mirror as we look at ourselves differently in photos.

The second most asked question is 'When should I have a trial?". Everybody is different. I tend to suggest 1 month before. This way you will have your dress and a better idea of what you will like. You can also have a trial to see if your hairdresser and you are the perfect fit prior to booking. I have found 8 times out of 10 that when having a trial 12 months out from the wedding you will change your hair style. That is still fine if it helps you get a feel for your stylist.

My third most asked question is "How far ahead should I book my wedding hair stylist?".

Check out my next post for more information.

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