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What do I wear in my hair?

People always ask if I think they should have a veil or hair piece or anything else in their hair?

The answer is.... it is up to You!

Photo by @franklyphotography

I will always guide you based in the following things;

Style of dress

Style of wedding

Face shape

Hair thickness

Hair style inspiration

There are always lots of factors to consider but I always like to have a thorough consultation with someone especially if unsure. This can often help in your decision.

I see lots of combinations of hair accessories including;

Veil with hair clip

Veil with floral hairpiece on a comb

Veil with flower crown

Hair clip only

Flower crown only

Floral hair piece only

The main thing structurally to consider is the type of comb or clip your veil has, the type of clip or comb your hair clip or floral hair piece has and where you want them placed in relation to each other.

I can give suggestions on placement and what will suit

the style but will always consider how things will sit in the hair and if it can be supported for the best durability.

For example if you have a veil with a thick plastic comb and your floral piece on a thick plastic comb, it is more difficult to put both central due to the two combs on top of each other. A simple solution is the floral hair piece to be made with a wire base to secure more with pins or sewing the hair with clear thread.

I have lots of tricks up my sleeve and am happy to make suggestions.

Another common question is where to put a veil? Do you put over a low bun or above a low bun? You can put over the top easily but if you want underneath there are a few things to consider.

If you put the veil pushing up you may have to change the direction of the comb as the curve won’t be the correct way around (most veils are designed for comb to flip over and be on top). You can use it like that under a bun but it can mean your hair has to be built on top of the veil and may mean you can not remove veil easily later. I will always explain and have this discussion with any bride at a trial so to make sure all the components align for the perfect style.

If you would like to book a trial or phone consultation please email to book your time.

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