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Frequently Asked Questions

To assist you in your wedding hair journey here are some frequently asked questions I get asked by brides in person, via email or phone. This may assist you in getting answers to questions that are often asked.

You can also download our Wedding Hair Plan to assist in getting the best hair on your wedding day.

From Director Sarah Courtney


Hair Trials

Do I need a trial?

No you don’t need a trial but it is helpful for you to envisage the entire look. Sometimes people are unsure and a trial can help. I can organise a trial for you, a phone consultation, face to face consultation, Skype consultation or we can just discuss via email with photos. What ever you need to put your mind at ease. It is great to organise your make-up trial for the same day but is not necessary. We can assist in coordinating but an not guarantee it will be possible to get your appointments to align. Please also make sure you have a look at our wedding hair trial checklist.


When should I book a trial?

I would book a trial when you book your wedding. Weddings are every day of the week but Saturdays are the most popular day. We are finding we have limited Saturday appointments and high demand for a Saturday. If you are not sure at the time of your wedding booking please allow two months notice for a trial booking. Our regular trial days are Wednsday to Friday so please be preapred to book in advance to get a day that suits you.


What do I bring to a trial?

Things you may want to bring to a trial but not necessary;

  • Pictures of what like and don’t like

  • Bring a friend or family member

  • Veil and hairpieces and earrings

  • Photos of dress

Please see our trial blog post and download our checklist!


When should I have a trial?

I always suggest approximately two months prior to your special day or event. I have also had many brides do the week prior to their wedding due to travel restrictions. It is up to you. We can make anything work. Two months is a good time frame because often your theme is set, your colour scheme and style picked and you have already looked at styles and maybe changed your mind a few times. As you get closer you have more of an overall picture of how things will look. I suggest booking a trial at the time of your booking especially if you require a Saturday appointment. Our main trial days are Wednesday to Friday around our wedding bookings.


How long does it take for a trial?

A trial can take up to 1.5 hours. I will do your trial and make adjustments for you  and we discuss the finer details for the day to put your mind at ease. Please remember if you are wanting two different styles trialed you will need a longer appointment which must be organised on initial booking  and may be at an extra cost.

Do bridesmaids need a trial?

Normally no but if you have someone with very difficult hair then it can help or if you are uncertain of style just one of your bridesmaids have a trial to help make that decision.

On the day


How long per person on the day?

I have been specialising in bridal hair for many years and don't tend to take one hour per person but feel it is a good measure of time to assist in organising and in case of stoppages through out the morning. Keeping in mind I do allocate different timing for different venues due to their planning but will discuss this with you on booking and/or trial.

When do I wash my hair?

If you wash you hair 24 hours prior to you special day and blow dry straight (if not utilising natural curl). If anyone has extremely curly hair and is wanting a smoother style please pre straighten hair 24 hours before also. Please ensure you have read ourterms and conditons which has your hair preperation information.


Do you need a time schedule?

No we will do that for you. We can give you timing for the morning working in with our recommended make up artist or your preferred make -up artist. I can assist in coordinating a start time to ensure a relaxing day and a schedule for you and your party for the morning.

Please read our Wedding timing blog post.

Do you travel for one person?

We travel for a minimum of 4 upstyles/ downstyle or the cost of 4 upstyles. We will travel for any occasion hairstyle.


Can you put my veil in?

On your special day I will complete everyone's hair and do final checks and touch ups. At the end I can put your veil in for you and show you some sneaky tricks to hold and carry your veil. I can also stitch your veil in for windy days. If you don't wish to have your veil in too early I can also give your bridal party a lesson on how to put it in. Any hair emergencies you can always call me. Please read our Wedding confirmation blog post which inlcudes infomration and videos on veils.

Can you do touch ups?

I do touch ups prior to leaving and always have touch up pins for you. I can stay after completion at an extra cost and can be quoted on enquiry.

This is called our Honoray Bridesmaid service. It must be booked at the time ofbookng to ensure we have the appointment time available. We can also com back to do style changes. It too can be quoted on via email.​

Pricing and Travel

What is required to book and how do we make payment?

A booking fee of $100 is required to secure your booking. We will invoice at the time of bookng and your booking feeis due within 5 days to secure your booking. The remainder is due on your invoice due date. please ensure you download your invoie to check nmbers and timing for the day You can make payment via credit card, cash  or direct debit.

Do you do hair for formals or other events?

Yes we will travel for any type of events including formals, balls, night out and more. As long as a minimum of 4 upstyle/ long down style cost. 


It the price different if we have our hair down?

The cost for long to medium down style is the same as an upstyle as often the preparation work takes longer than an upstyle. We use a special technique to prepare the hair to ensure the best hold possible to you down style.

Is there a travel fee?

Travel for TOOWOOMBA city and Preston is free of charge and outside that is a travel surcharge. For a travel quote please fill in our enquiry form.

Other questions


How can I make my hair look fuller?

I can work with clip in extensions for up or down styles. I can also colour match and order them for you for the best colour blend. I can also use hair padding for fullness and make hair padding to suit you hair style. We recommend Zala Har Extensions and you can use my discount code SARAHHAIRZALA to reciee $20 off. Zala has an online colour matching service. Please email us for information on what best works for your style.

Do you do make-up as well?

No but I have some very talented friends! I have studied a Certificate II in make up but prefer to specialise in hair. It also allows plenty of time to focus on hair and not feel rushed. I can give you a list of my recommended make-up artists for you to contact but we can work with any make-up artist you choose to use to ensure your day is stress free.


When should I colour my hair prior to the wedding?

I suggest one week prior to the wedding so hair colour is settled and staining is removed from skin. I also suggest washing twice before the special day.

I have a large party and guests. How many people can you accommodate?

I have my team at The Hair Artist Collective so we can accommodate as many people as you need and at more than one location. Please email for more information. Please note deposits still apply for each location and stylist with a minimum of 4 per location/ stylist.

How do I make sure my hair is healthy leading up to wedding?

Make sure you do a conditioning treatment one week prior to give moisture to close the cuticle therefor higher shine. For best results weekly home treatments are best using salon quality products.


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