Make-up or hair first?

August 13, 2019

I often get asked "Should I do hair or make-up first?"



There are a few things that come into play. Are you wearing hair on your face?

Are you having a veil?


Often I will suggest that you as the bride have hair second last and make-up last. The reason is any hair onto the face I can pin away for better hold and access for your make-up artist.


In saying this I can work with your make-up artist to assist in organising a plan to ensure you run to time if there are different hair and make-up constraints. This is predetermined and often discussed at your trial as sometimes  this process does not work the same for every make-up artist.


I just ask that the party are all present at the start time (unless organised prior) to ensure hair and make-up can run to the schedule organised. This way if something changes on the morning we have another person to start hair or make-up on. It is best to be prepared for unforeseen things happening and the movement of people.


Whilst you have your make-up done I do final checks on your bridal party. By this time I can then do final checks on your hair, place any veil or hair clips or flowers.


I also like to do a "veil class" for your party to assist in removal of your veil later and application if you wish to put in later. I also don't mind if people take photos or video as it can help on the day so no one is stressed having that pressure.


I will always work with any make-up artist to ensure efficient timing for both hair and make-up and ensure neither artist is standing unnecessarily. 


If you do follow my social media channels you will notice I have some amazing make-up artist friends and always happy to recommend depending on the style of make-up you are after. During your booking process please feel free to ask for my recommended make-up artists. How ever I love meeting new artists and happy to work with anyone to ensure your day runs smoothly.



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